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Private Dining

Written by Old School Stanwick

Exclusive access to the Old School at Stanwick for larger groups.

The Old School @ Stanwick presents a quirky and unique dining room. Our beautiful restaurant provides a stylish and inspiring setting. Celebrate in style – birthday – anniversary – wedding –christening.

Simple classic dishes, created using seasonal ingredients. Whether you wish to create a bespoke menu for your event or to use one that has already been compiled, the dedicated team at Old School will discuss all the options and arrange this for you.

Your occasion can be planned to the finest detail with the team at Old School. Private dining doesn’t just need to be for special occasions, the family gathering or a work dinner. It can be perfect for a group of friends, a family dinner or girls night out.

You are able to book the restaurant exclusively for your guests. Minimum of 30 guests with a maximum of 40. Booking conditions apply.

A Passion for All Things Good

Written by Old School Stanwick

We want everything to be just right...

Lots of work, tasting & sourcing great ingredients happen when we piece together our evening bistro menu. Chefs are passionate about delivering great food. And in our shop, we try hard to use local suppliers as we all know it is important not only to have fantastic food but we believe it is really important to support the local economy.

We do this because our customers told us that well cared for produce not only tastes good, it also makes them feel good. Our menu changes every few weeks to enable us to use seasonal ingredients; fresh herbs and some of our salads & vegetables are grown right here at Old School and our garden is packed with great herbs, chillies and salads, just yards away from our kitchen.

Old School Hall - History

Written by Old School Stanwick

Imagine the vast changes that have taken place between 1839 and 2011.

The Old School was built in a period of change with an emphasis on reform, and it was itself a new school and a significant  development in Stanwick. The idea of a school in Stanwick reflected a change in attitude to the rural poor and to the value of education for all. The idea came from the Rector of Stanwick in 1838, the Revd. John Sergeaunt, MA(Oxon). He had already built a school at his last parish of Great Doddington near Wellingborough. In a letter of his  dated 3 Feb 1838, he writes:“I am desirous of establishing a School in this Parish in union with the National Society.”

He goes on to refer to the flourishing school he built at Doddington which he left in 1837.

According to the 1839 legal document for the Stanwick school we can see that the agreement was signed on 31st August and it was enrolled on 19th September.

We also learn that the Rector gave the land from the orchard garden of the Old Rectory. From his letter dated 28 November 1839 we found that he also paid for the stone and its cartage. He refers to a ‘respectable builder’ called Litten from Wellingborough who estimated £245 for the work to build the school and a Master’s house.

This was accepted after gaining several estimates. He states that the funds and grants received or promised amounted to £197 19/3d. As the overall total cost was £252 14/4d he was troubled by the deficiency of more than £54 which he had to raise.

He refers to the exertion in gaining the funds to which he added his own subscription. He even refers to “despairing of  even having a school if I did not on my own………begin the building.”

He went ahead with the building, and in the same November letter he writes: “The building is in progress. The walls are up, the window frames in, the roof on and just covered in.”

We owe so much to the Rector’s pioneering vision and determined drive that the Old School was built. We also owe much to all those who supported the Rector and for those who gave money. The two Churchwardens who became trustee owners with the Rector were George Gascoyen of Stanwick Hall and William Denton of Stanwick Lodge. In the 1841 census for Stanwick we read that the Rector, his wife Sarah and 11 of their children were living in the Old Rectory.

In 1851 he had 320 acres and employed six agricultural labourers. There is much to tell about this family, perhaps in another article. The new school in 1839 brought change to Stanwick, and it is possible that there were those who were against the loss of the orchard garden in order to put up a school for the poor children of the parish.

The Old School was inevitably bound up with further change as the Victorian age progressed. The expansion of the population and the important Education Act of 1870 showed up the inadequacy of the Old School. This led to an extension of the building. which explains the plaque showing 1876 over the porch. The Old School changed to meet the greater demands of State education in the 1870s and beyond. In a letter written by a later Rector, the Revd. W.F.M. Hamerton  he states: “Under the Elementary Education Act of 1870, the Rector and Churchwardens granted the School to the Stanwick School Board and their successors by lease for 99 years on 15 June 1875.”

In the same letter written by the Rector on 27 August 1931 to the Secretary of the National Society he writes about the Stanwick settlement: “The Northampton(shire) County Council is about to surrender the School to the Rector and Churchwardens from whom they hold it on lease ……because the County Council in consequence of other arrangements have no further use for the premises. The site and buildings therefore will revert to the possession of the Rector and Churchwardens…governed by the terms of the original Deed of the 31st August 1839.”

Store & Post Office Opening Times

Written by Old School Stanwick

Normal Opening Hours

Opening Hours

the shop@stanwick    
  Monday – Saturday 07.00 – 19.00
  Sunday 08.00 – 16.00
Post Office    
  Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.30
  Saturday 09.00 – 12.30

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Our Story____

from humble beginnings...

the "shop@stanwick" was born in 2007 after Neil, Steve & Vernon purchased the tired old Post Office. Very quickly the shop was transformed into the village ‘hub’. Good old fashion customer service along with products that their customers really wanted helped create a much loved village shop. Within the first year ‘the shop@stanwick’ was awarded The Countryside Alliance East Midlands Award for best village shop & Post Office. This award has been won for the past 3 years.

stanwick school

In 2011 an opportunity arouse to purchase the Old School in the High Street, Stanwick. The Old School was a beautiful building that need much care and restoration. Due to a new village hall opening the local church couldn’t sustain the Old School and there was a real fear that the building would be closed up and not used. A new roof, windows, structural repairs along with a complete interior refurbishment took 7 months to complete. The boys wanted to ensure that their village had a real part in the restoration. No tradesman more than 5 miles away was employed on the project. Many folk from the village offered their help, from sweeping up, rubble removal to tiling bathrooms and plumbing boilers.

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A bright new shop, bigger post office along with a daytime coffee shop opened in April 2012. However it was evident in the planning stages of this new project the village wanted an evening and weekend venue to eat, drink and socialise. Within the Old School an evening bistro called ‘Old School Dining’ opened alongside the shop. Old School Dining offers good hearty food, carefully selected wines with great casual atmosphere. Again the focus was keeping it local. The staff from the old shop grew from 6 to 23 within months, all employed from the village. No-one could foresee the popularity of the venue, Post Office footfall grew by 40%, the Bistro and Café were an instant success, good home cooked food, local ingredients and a good splash of their ‘good old customer service’ has created the ‘place to be’. When asked the boys are so proud of saving an important building a creating a space for their community.

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Kul Sidhu Kul Sidhu, Proprietor